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RFID tags

rfid-tag.jpg Tag Cloud detection device connected to the product, object or person that we want it to detection. But whether any of the products with various shapes and appearances and also has a variety of physical environments, this requires the need to Tag them with regard to physical features surface we classified.

Some general characteristics of Tag is as follows:

A.Tag that have pan made from PVC plastic and are usually in the middle of a hole can be seen that they very durable and they can be repeatedly used.

B.Tag that credit cards are similar to contact less smart cards (Contact less Smart Cards) is called.

C.Tag that form layers of paper on which they are made label smart label (Smart Labels) is called.

D.Tag that can wear environments (e.g. water or liquid) is working well. Tag in these tanks is glass.

E.Tag small that in general objects like clothing, time, and bracelet.... Is Fixing . Often the form of a kidney or category to reach key opinion.

Tag if you want them with regard to their energy supplier, we classified three main categories are divided by:

1.Tag non Active and Passive Tags energy needed to power the Reader by a series of methods obtained.Active Tags Active

2.Tag the energy they need by an internal battery and for communicating with a processor, memory and sensors are.
3. Tag some half-Off Semi-Passive Tags addition to using their internal battery can power transmitted by Reader to be interested.


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