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rfid222.jpg Basically, any system that can read and recognize people or information or goods is identification system called Identification System. In general, automatic identification and data storage (AIDC) is a way in which equipment or software or hardware able to read and diagnosed without the assistance of a person are. Barcode, two-dimensional code, fingerprint systems, identification systems using radio frequency, system identification using sight and sound and ... Among these are guidelines. One of the latest topics of interest for scientists to identify individuals or goods identification system using radio frequency or RFID is. RFID stands for three words that Radio Frequency Identification is by now large chain stores like "Wal-Mart" and "McDonald's" as well as major organizations such as "Department of Defense United States of America" used to try and then have a good.

What is RFID?

Imagine entering a store chain have been required items into your wheelbarrow (Trolley) have placed. Significant funds by using the code must load the items into each basket and pick up information by the barcode reader (Barcode Reader) one by one into the computer to factor into your choice of items to be exported. Many times, due to the large number of goods are purchased, long queues in chain stores is made up. Sometimes just the distortion of signals at the code, read the information avoids, which itself is cause more problems. With this new technology means your basket RFID their products and without having to stand in long queues or even get your items without having to purchase the cashier or the Guardian show from outside the cluster. Why Such as barcode labels on other products (Barcode) is not the type of RFID is with himself and sending radio signals from all current information such as number, price, weight, to computers in the doors will transmit output. This tag has two parts chip and antenna and function are very simple; chip data via antenna and publishes are around, they receive this information. The most important advantages to reducing the theft or robbery and quickly calculate the number of goods in stock without the need to help human forces. But the only forms of this technology is expensive, although once appears that all these objects and commodities such as bar code tags will. In general, system identification, or RFID, using the radio frequency identification system is capable of wireless data exchange between a Tag information by establishing that a product or object.. Is connected to a Open reader (Reader) is. Basically, RFID systems and electro magnetic electronic signals for reading and writing data without contact are benefiting.

Tag Cloud detection device attached to the goods that we want to deny access to Open reader (Reader) means that the presence of tags detected in the environment and the information stored on them are retrieved. Considering that these systems based on magnetic waves change frequency or radio work, to strengthen the signals in the environment sometimes antenna (signal amplifier) is also used.


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