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Antenna security store

E-care objects EAS-Electronic Article Surveillance Specialist Security Systems effective tool to prevent theft in the Stores closed circuit television system and know EAS system. Each of these systems separately, but combined them well together with a system provides maximum efficiency. EAS system can determine the number of goods passing out door use. The ability of vendors in each category the number of status conscious store makes.

EAS systems not only reduce piracy but also increase sales while labor costs and transport also reduces the rate and list of inventory increases.

Three types of EAS systems in stores that are used in all cases a tag or tags are attached to goods. Tag or label is then neutralized. If the tag is kind of hard (capability tag reuse) from a poster to get rid of it is used to separate. If the tag is kind of liked soft tag thwarting a page to disable it use. If the label tag is not separated from the product during transit, we heard the alarm sound output using the robbery of the store EAS completely neutral, but it does not reduce to 60%.

Some type's hard tag inside their tanks has ink. If the attempt to force open their done, capsules containing broken it puts you on the product.

The most common type of EAS tag type is produced from the packaging labels on cheap goods is used.

Physical structure of the label or tag determines the working frequency EAS system to determine frequency EAS system can work for very low frequency radio is selected.

EAS systems in three main families EM, AM, RF are produced, each with its own benefits and disadvantages are.

Electromagnetic System EM-Electro Magnetic System

EM systems are used more in Europe and in chain stores, supermarkets and libraries are used. In this technology, a thin strip of iron with a layer of glue can be attached to goods. Tag output will not be separated but by a scanner with a strong magnetic field is neutralized. One feature of EM system and ability to neutralize activated tag that causes costs to fall.

Above form a system with the EM transmitter and receiver antennas shows that a tag is located in the middle of them. When the tag field to be active in the receiver changes the signal sent by the sender to detect. If you see two waves receptor saturation will see the saturation occurs twice in the first cycle and the other negative cycles.

EM system transmitter antennas with low frequency magnetic fields are created. When the tag on the gate would be a field with a specific pattern to create the pattern by the receiver antenna is obvious. This weak signal processing and alarm will stimulate. Usually reflected by the frequency between 70 Hz to 1 tag kHz is. Antenna system EM EAS system types usually are larger and the width between the two antennas is up to 100 cm. The main advantage is that the EM system based on this system can be attached on metal surfaces. From this it can be for supermarkets to store tools and libraries to use.

Sound waves within the magnetic system AM-Acoustic Magnetic system

IS new system features high latitude coverage with the possibility of rapid detection tag or tag is? Transmitter antenna of a radio wave with frequency 58 kHz sends that becoming pregnant will tag and tag to start oscillating off the antenna, transmitter and antenna receivers are starting to reveal the waves sent from the Tags can. Start a small computer processing of incoming waves to tag match, if and when received signal level is correct alarm system will sound.

Based adhesives AM deformation features of the magnetic field are the means that if they put in the magnetic field are small, if a 1-inch size tag and have it put in the magnetic field to change the size of a thousandth inch Available. Tag response to a magnetic field large and small, and if its tag frequency in a magnetic field Revenants take their acts just like tuning fork and started to swing. Tag for a piece of magnet commissioning (Bios) needs to say that the active part. This active fragment without dependence on magnetic field direction will form. If tag-frequency stimulation is F 2F start oscillating frequency and dimensions will be smaller, the frequency tag for F it is necessary to work to Bios. This Bios by a semi-magnetic piece inside the tag is done so in the first cycle is a small tag field and tag field in the second cycle is large in this case the tag oscillator frequency is F. If you enter the field with a tag If gate antenna transmitter tag tag frequency stimulation and F will start oscillating antenna transmitter turns off the receiver and antenna begin to receive responses to tag, if no response was received to the alarm system to start.

When a non-pregnant AM tag is inactive and will be active when you are pregnant (this is the image function EM tags.)

Radio Systems RF-Radio Frequency Systems

RF EAS system is full system in the United States, as you can see in the RF system works as follows.

Tag attached to the product waves by antenna response to the response submitted by received by the receiver antenna and cause alarm system is activated.

Distance between two antennas can be up to 180 cm working frequency of 2 MHz RF systems to 10 MHz is that in many countries as the standard. In many cases a signal swept RF systems to reveal the types of tag use. Sometimes antennas in transmitter and receiver antennas are placed on a basis that this system is called by a single system that can form or pulse sweep signal or a combination of both methods operates. Single-base systems for small stores are very good. Single base system usually works hard tag type label, which usually is more expensive end of your waves are weak sent to recognize tags.

To detect the difference between noise and reflected waves by digital signal processing technology (DSP) can be used.

Store employees so they like this system because at least it is an error alarm.

Shop owners to ask why this system is not installed as a secret?

In response must be said: the possibility of installing hidden antenna and receiving antenna, as there are but base stealing more visible decreases.

Many ways to run an RF system there. The basic idea That a spiral ring of aluminum on paper to create a role to play antenna and antenna at the end of a small diode or a circuit RC (capacitance and resistance) to add to the wave response to the signal sent to the antenna.

Disable tag a strong RF pulse required to have a diode or RC circuit to burn labels burned if the two antennas should be no signal sent does not reply, so no alarm is not issued.


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